Posted on Oct 12, 2017

A New Acoustic Music Jam

I am pleased and excited to announce a new venture!  Starting this November, I will be hosting an “Acoustic Night” at The Sunset Grill in Seaford NY.  I want this event to be a little different from the other jams and open mikes going on on Long Island right now.

Right now, there are two basic musician’s nights at bars, restaurants and other venues around the Island: Open Mikes, and Open Jams.  From my experience, the people who go to these events fit into two distinct groups, even though many venue owners do not understand the difference or don’t really care; after all the idea for them is to get as many people to come and spend money as possible.  Nothing wrong with that.  As someone who writes songs, sings songs and plays two instruments proficiently (I think), I have found myself part of two or more separate groups of musicians, very few of whom overlap.  There are Open Mikes which invite people to come and sing a few songs (usually well-known hits of the past 50-75 years) along with a couple of ones that cater to original music by singer/songwriters;  then there are the Open Jams, in which musicians come together to play mostly popular tunes (Rock, Jazz, Pop, etc.) and have fun recreating these songs and adlibbing solos.  For the most part, Open Mikes have individuals performing with acoustic accompaniment and Jams have groups (usually put together on the spot) playing electric instruments (and drums, etc).

So I’d like to try something new.  A place where musicians get together to play acoustically: Singers, and songwriters can have other musicians play along to add and augment their musical ideas; musicians can get together and try new sounds and new combinations and listen to each other as we explore the musical boundaries.  I think that by keeping an acoustical setting for the music, it will raise the level of musicianship and harbor an environment that encourages improvisation and  exploration in addition to performance.

To those of you who read this (if any), please let me know what you think about this. Any and all suggestions will be considered as I try to make this project work.